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Custom Control System Capabilities

OSCO Custom Control Panel Development Capabilities

At OSCO, we are committed to helping customers meet their controls objectives and we customize our solutions to meet those needs.  We work closely with manufacturers and OEM’s to develop and implement control panels and systems that fit their specific process requirements.

Our capabilities include engineering, designing and fabricating control panels and control systems for OEM mechanical products, industrial processes, and large-multiple system production lines. We are UL508A-listed and include these standards in our design processes, quality components, and fabrication techniques.  We will work with you to design and build to your environmental requirements.

Our experience includes a broad spectrum of control products and systems:
  • Portable Process Equipment Controls
  • Water Filter Controls
  • Dust Collector Controls
  • Diesel/Hydraulic PLC Control Systems
  • Supply/Exhaust Fan PLC Control Systems
  • Lift Control Panels with PLC Controls
  • VFD Panels for various control processes
  • Water/Waste Controls

  • VFD Pump Stations
  • HVAC  VFD with bypass
  • Controls for Chemical Facilities
  • Lighting Control
  • Portable Boiler Optimization Test Facility
  • RO System Controls
  • Multi-Axis Motion Control
  • Vibratory Feeder Control

Our strongest capability is our ability to partner with companies to deliver superior results.  From our comprehensive design-and-build experience or simple modifications, we have the capabilities to supply control solutions that provide the exact functionality, performance, and interface systems that your unique application requires. 

Contact OSCO Controls to discuss how we can partner with you to make your control challenges simple.

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