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Case Study:

At OSCO Controls, we take pride in designing and building simple-to-use and safe control panel interfaces for various applications such as original equipment manufacturers, integrated network control systems, and custom control panels.

The latter is an area in which OSCO Controls thrives. OSCO has decades of experience designing and producing custom control panels for its clients. This allows OSCO to work quicker and more efficiently than other custom control panel manufacturers.

But this doesn’t just happen by accident. OSCO has developed a six-step process for creating and implementing custom control panels. This procedural system is second-to-none and allows for better oversight and quality when producing custom control panels for process automation control or OEM applications.

Through its carefully developed procedural system, OSCO works with its clients to simplify and speed up the development of a custom control panel from design all the way through installation. To take a closer look, here’s the six-step process OSCO takes when developing custom control panels.

  1. Project Need Analysis

To get the process started, OSCO determines the required functionality, electrical/environmental requirements, operator interface, and any other necessary certifications for the custom control panel project.

  1. Panel Design

Next, OSCO will design the electrical system and user interface for the custom control panel while ensuring that they are in the proper enclosure for environment.

  1. Panel Documentation

During this step, OSCO creates electrical drawings, safety warnings, installation instructions, and user documentation to assist the implementation of the custom control panel.

  1. Fabrications & Programming

Before the custom control panel is ready to be shipped and installed, OSCO will take care of the fabrication, component assembly, programming, and labeling of the system.

  1. Testing & Quality Control

OSCO will then run thorough test that inspect each control panel to identify and correct any issues before sending the final product to the client.

  1. Technical Support

Even after the custom control panel is implemented, OSCO is here to provide full technical and product support for the life of its products.