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When it comes to designing, building and installing industrial control panels, control panel manufacturers have several safety measures they must take and keep in mind.

Control panel system safety at OSCO Controls means safety that is built in to every project. When designing any type of control panel interface, OSCO prioritizes operator safety above all else. We know every component of the control panel has to be engineered in a way that facilitates safe operation when the control panel is being used properly.

Part of the safety measures taken by OSCO includes considering all of the possible risks at hand and how control panel operators can reduce or avoid them while performing tasks.

When a customer has a control panel designed, built and installed by OSCO, we review all safety requirements with them and determine what safety technologies and precautions need to be built into the design. During this review, the appropriate NEMA and IEC ratings for the control solution will be dictated.

OSCO’s safety measures also include figuring out the optimum control technologies for the panel, what automated programming is needed, and the control solution’s physical placement within a facility. All of these decisions are made with the operator’s safety in mind.

OSCO’s control panel installations are meticulous and include a safety review that determines all safety requirements for the control panel, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality, and reducing the level of risk employees and operators face.

During this safety review, environmental considerations and occupational safety are both factored in. The physical environment of the control solution will determine the type of environmental protection rating is needed for that control panel project. This allows control panel manufacturers to lay out all options of control technologies that are available for a solution in that particular environment.

Furthermore, any application processes or requisite safety equipment needed for a particular project will also determine how a control solution will be configured or installed. Ease-of-use and operator safety are factors that are both paramount during this part of the safety review.