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Advanced Control Panel Solutions

From Simple Motor Controls to Complex Integrated Equipment Control Solutions, OSCO Process Automation Solutions Has You Covered

OSCO Controls leverages decades of experience in equipment control systems and blends it with advanced programming and the latest control technologies to provide advanced control panel solutions. Whether you need a basic motor control interface or an advanced control panel system to manage multiple tasks, OSCO can design and fabricate process automation custom control solutions to match your application.

Osco Controls Basic Control Panels

Basic Control Panels & Advanced Control Solutions

For simple applications, OSCO can develop basic control panel interfaces to facilitate safe operation of equipment or simple control systems. This typically includes an appropriate NEMA enclosure for the application, control power transformer(s), and any required basic control functionality.

Osco Controls Custom Control Solutions

Custom Control Solutions

More advanced or larger-scale applications often require advanced programming or custom enclosure fabrication to safely satisfy application specifications. These applications will often integrate multiple pieces of equipment and/or system processes into unified custom control panel solutions.

Osco Controls Advanced Programming

Advanced Control Panels

Advanced control technologies are changing the controls industry. OSCO provides advanced control panel services to harness the power of these emerging technologies. Custom programming for process automation solutions can integrate multiple tasks and process into a unified system that is both safe and easy-to-operate.

Whether you are an OEM that needs simple and consistent custom control panel solutions and advanced control panel solutions across a line of equipment, or in need of a custom control solution to manage multiple tasks, OSCO is ready to discuss all your control system needs.

Benefits of Partnering with OSCO Controls:

  • Unique custom control solutions that are customized to your application and environmental requirements.
  • First-hand knowledge of the latest custom control solution technologies and their benefits for a diverse range of process applications.
  • OSCO is backed with a legacy of successful projects and supports every custom control solution for its lifetime.