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Control Panel Manufacturing

Precision Control Panel Fabrication & Labeling Provides Real Value

OSCO is committed to providing quality, reliable control systems. That includes taking ownership of our product throughout every step of the process. We pay meticulous attention to detail from the components we select, to the design layout and electrical schematics, assembly and wiring, labeling, power checking and comprehensive system testing. Our entire fabrication team is committed to assembling and fabricating premium quality control panels that will provide years of trouble-free operation.

OSCO Best Practices
  • Original documentation is created for each panel we build consisting of the schematic, panel layout drawing, and bill of material. All documentation is compliant with UL508A and NFPA 79 requirements.
  • Diligent and proper placement of componentry and wire spacing to meet code requirements. Special attention to manufacturer's clearance directives. 
  • Wiring and component assembly is exceptionally neat, well-organized and clearly-labeled with wire number and component destination on both ends.
  • Common use of wireway for electrical wiring to aid in organization and appearance. 
  • Compliance to manufacturer's torque requirements on all components.
Precise Control Panel Assembly

Precision Fabrication

We take pride in our craftsmanship and go the extra step to ensure that our control panels meet the industry’s highest quality standards. It is our dedication to applying industry’s best practices that make our control panels more efficient, safe, simple to operate, and easy to troubleshoot.

Control Panel Labeling of Components and Wires

Labeling & Identification

OSCO Controls offers labeling and engraving solutions based on your requirements. All identification, nameplate, and legend plates are printed or engraved to your specifications. We clearly label all wires and components to match the schematic. Both ends of wire are labeled indicating where they go for ease of troubleshooting.

Control Panel Testing


Before leaving our facility, every control system undergoes a complete point to point ohm quality check. This testing process employs an OSCO team member other than the person who wired the panel to perform this testing for added quality assurance. In addition, the panel is connected to the appropriate power to verify both control and power circuit functionality.