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Control Panel System Safety

Safety Built In

When designing any control interface OSCO prioritizes operator safety above all else. Every control has to be engineered for safe operation in the application's native environment and consider all possible risks to workers when performing the tasks. OSCO partners with our customers to review all safety requirements to determine what safety technologies and precautions need to be built into the control solution. This review will not only dictate the appropriately rated NEMA or IEC enclosure for the application, but also the optimum control technologies, automation programming and even the control's physical placement to ensure operator safety.

Safety Review

As part of your project analysis, we will review with you all safety requirements to determine the control panels we build for you are providing the highest level of safety to reduce the level of risk to your employees and operations.

Environmental Considerations

The physical environment of the application will determine the type of environmental protection rating for the project and define the options of control technologies that are suitable for that environment.

Occupational Safety

The application process(es) and any requisite equipment safety standards will dictate how the control system needs to be configured for ease-of-use and its placement to ensure operator safety.