Electrical Control Panel Design Always Accounts For Client’s Specific Workplace Needs

Electrical Control Panel Design Always Accounts For Client’s Specific Workplace Needs

Every place of production is overloaded with moving parts – both literally and figuratively. It’s the former aspect we would like to address here, as clients in need of process improvements are looking for a company that can help them with electrical control panel design.  The net effect of having a UL listed 508A panel fabrication company OSCO Controls craft client-specific solutions as unique as the industry they will be used in are what we will be exploring in this article.

To get an electrical control panel design process rolling, it helps to think outside the box and realize that there are innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. For the material handling industry wanting to carry out precise equipment operations, a custom control panel with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Programmable Logic Relays (PLR) in place, will provide more advanced operational commands.  An operator has the ability to deliver specific movements; a conveyor system for example with products coming down en route to another destination are going to have to move up, over, down or stop– and a multi-programmed control panel can initiate one operation, or control all system movements.

OEM’s of machines or equipment benefit from having an electrical control panel design for their specific requirements.  These companies specialize in equipment design, but need experts to help them build custom control panels to improve machine performance. Surface-prep operations serve as a good real-world example of a detailed design process where full drawings, electrical schematics, and component lists are provided to show how the equipment control panel & interface will provide solutions to the problem. An upgraded system was develop for shot-blast machinery to maneuver equipment with precision controls, adjust variable speed drives, and include emergency stop control devices.

Manufacturing companies wanting to integrate multiple systems can achieve efficiencies by integrating their systems with electrical control panel design that methodically designs systems to one centralized control center. If there is a process that is unique to the production facility, the controls design engineer will take an innovative approach to develop an intelligent control system. One that is designed to interconnect the entire facility to gather and analyze production data, as well as troubleshoot equipment operations.

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