OSCO Control Panel designed for HVAC Company

Commercial AC Manufacturer Tests and Sets Up OSCO Control Panel for Lift Platform

OSCO Controls is a manufacturer of industrial control panels used in a wide variety of applications. One application involves the control of a heavy-duty platform lift whereby the controls are pre-programmed to stop the lift at customer specified height requirements. The customer will use the lift which will have a conveyor affixed to platform to transfer commercial HVAC systems along a production line. 

The Control Panel contains a programmable logic controller (PLC) and an HMI Screen that are used to control and monitor the entire system. In addition, the platform lift includes (4) scissor lifts units, therefore the PLC, motor starters and proportional valves to make minor speed adjustments are required for synchronizing each individual equipment.

OSCO has recently completed controls for 7 double wide scissor lifts that will also be part of the customer’s HVAC production line system.  

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