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Extruder Machine Control Panel


An OEM manufacturer of extrusion machinery brought us a project to help them assemble and wire a control panel system for an extrusion machine they were building for a company that produces high-density polyethylene piping. The control system will operate at a high throughput range for large diameter pipe extrusion. The large sized machine is expected to increase outputs and control a reduction of mass temperature to be energy efficient. All those being critical operational performance requirements that the control system must regulate.


Our services to the OEM included building to their pre-designed control panel schematic.  The project started with a deep review of their design ensuring compliance with industry standards and offering recommendations for improving efficiencies.  We paid careful attention to the specific requirements to understand how the control system would integrate into the OEMs extrusion machine.  Once we completed the panel build, we conducted a multi-point inspection and thorough testing to verify quality and functionality.


Through a collaborative approach and experienced team, we were able to deliver a high-quality control panel that achieves all the specifications requirements for an optimal machine performance.

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