Industrial Controls Programming

We offer complete programming solutions for each of our control systems.


Programming Expertise

One of the many assets our team brings to our customers is the level of expertise we have with PLC, HMIs, and PC-based programming. Our team of programmers are proficient in all IEC 61131 standard programming languages and have completed many successful projects for a wide variety of industry applications. We have the flexibility to custom program our control panels to deliver the most functional system required of the application.

What we do

Our Approach

We use flexible programming methods and coding to produce solutions that fit the overall goal of the end-user. Our programmers pull from a library of encapsulated code to program your control panel. This is beneficial because the code is proven and allows us to spend more time focusing on process design for your unique application.

Our PLC Software Development Methods Include

  • Ladder Logic
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List
  • Function Block (FBD)
  • Sequential Function Control (SFC)

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Industrial Control Solutions for Your Industry

Our team provides control design and programming expertise to customers in various fields, including manufacturing, material handling, utility, OEMs, and oil & gas.

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