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OSCO offers control solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

OSCO Controls serves numerous industriesFocused Expertise

While we’ve worked across numerous industries and applications, our team has particular expertise in several notable sectors.

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Optimize the water/wastewater treatment process with system controls and automation.

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Integrate control systems for customized recycling services and equipment.

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Design custom control panels and intuitive interfaces for the distribution industry.

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Engineered to order controls to improve productivity in manufacturing.

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Improving equipment performance and reducing maintenance with reliable control solutions.

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Material Handling

OSCO helps the transfer of materials with simple-to-use controls and control interfaces.

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Oil & Gas

We provide expert solutions for oil & gas processes that stand up to the rigorous demands in the field.

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Our control systems provide long durability associated with the high demands of utility applications.

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Our custom control solutions are what sets us apart from our competition. Bring us your most challenging requirements and let our team solve the issues that will provide the best function and performance for your specific application.


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