Custom Control Panels & Automation

Be in control with specialized control system technology.

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Controlling Complexity

Upgrade your system or start from the ground up

Our collaborative process allows us to create industrial control panels uniquely designed and built with your goals in mind. We utilize intelligent monitoring technology, such as the cloud-based OSCO Connect, to easily manage your manufacturing floor with guaranteed improvements in efficiency, safety, and project oversight.

Monitor Operations with OSCO Connect

Away from the warehouse? Receive real-time updates from any controls system with the intelligent OSCO Connect. This cloud-based technology allows you to remotely access data, monitor performance conditions, and manage processes from anywhere in the world.

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Custom Control Panels For Any Industry

Our knowledgeable team of engineers bring experience solving control problems for multiple industries and applications. Through our collaborative process, cutting-edge design options, and intuitive smart technologies, we are able to develop a one-of-a-kind control panel system based on your select requirements and to industry-recognized safety standards.

Outstanding Quality, Innovation & Service

Our commitment to quality products, revolutionary innovation, and outstanding customer service positions us at the forefront of the industrial controls industry.

We work with customers to understand their application’s demands, anticipate their needs, and create a custom-made solution.

No off-the-shelf panels. We deliver customized engineering with timely executions developed for highly-specific requirements.

Our one-stop panel shop allows us to manage costs and provide a new, personalized panel that meets your project goals and budget.

We are UL508A-listed and comply these standards in our design process, component selection, and fabrication techniques.

Each control is engineered for safe operation in the application’s native environment and considers all possible risks when performing tasks.

OSCO’s Complete Guide to Custom Controls Panels

Gain valuable industry insights into our custom control panels, successful industrial applications, and streamlined controls capabilities in our FREE ebook.

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Advanced Controls in Action

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