Custom Control Panel Design

Customized control solutions built with the needs of your project in mind.


Simplifying Complexity

OSCO Controls offers the highest quality engineering and design services of industrial control panels for next-level connectivity and control. With your business and goals in mind, we design, build, and implement custom control panels to provide cutting-edge systems that boost productivity, streamline operations, and simplify complex challenges.

Benefits of Our Custom Controls

Data Collection

Process Automation

Centralized Control & Monitoring

Integration with Legacy Equipment


Advanced Diagnostic Management

Enhanced Safety to Protect Personnel

Scalability to Adapt to Changing Needs

Custom Control Panel Capabilities

OSCO Controls provides high quality custom-designed control panels to implement your unique systems or manufacturing equipment.

Monitoring Made Easy

Away from the warehouse? Receive real-time updates from any connected control panel with OSCO Connect. This cloud-based technology allows you to remotely monitor system processes, status alerts, performance conditions, and more to ensure quick response times and streamlined production.

Control Panel Design Process

By understanding your application demands from beginning to end, we can design the right custom control panel to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Every project kicks off with a collaborative discussion to define your objectives, application, and environment.

Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we will dive into the specifics of the required functionality, electrical requirements, operator interface, and necessary certifications.

When the quote is approved, we begin finalizing the electrical drawings, safety documentation, and gathering all the components necessary to begin building your custom panel.

When your project goes into production, it is put into the hands of skilled professionals that meticulously assemble, wire, label, and program each control panel to ensure safety and quality.

To ensure the panels we build exceed our customers’ expectations, our controls engineers and technicians ensure all electrical systems, programming, and interfaces are working properly.

We provide on-site installation and start up, operator training, and ongoing diagnostics for advanced systems. When support is required, OSCO will be there for troubleshooting.

Industrial Control Solutions for Your Industry

Our team provides control panel design and programming expertise to customers in various fields, including manufacturing, material handling, utility, OEMs, and oil & gas.

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