Custom Controls for HVAC Equipment Manufacturers

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OSCO Controls partners with HVAC equipment manufacturers to build custom control panels for the systems they design for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Whether it is a controller designed to operate a commercial HVAC system, or control panels to help streamline production assembly of HVAC equipment, OSCO Controls has a team of experts to help you determine the optimum solution.


Advantages of Custom Controls

Custom controls can be configured and programmed to include combinations of components that will solve almost any industrial HVAC requirement.

  • Size: From compact to expansive, our HVAC systems for OEMs are adaptable to various space sizes and have a flexible fit in heating and cooling.
  • Climate: Adapt to all seasons by maintaining the desired HVAC climate year-round, providing comfort and consistency no matter the weather outside.
  • Operational Efficiency: Our systems are optimized to enhance workflow and ensure that every aspect of your HVAC setup works harmoniously and deliver top-tier performance.
  • Changing Requirements: Built to accommodate changing needs with modular designs and upgradable components, our HVAC solutions grow alongside your demands.
  • Fault Diagnostics: We incorporate advanced fault diagnostics capabilities, enabling quick identification and resolution of potential issues, to minimize downtime.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control: Using smart technology, such as our OSCO Connect, you can remotely monitor and control the HVAC system from anywhere, using real-time visibility and convenient management.

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