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OSCO At Work

Career Paths At OSCO Controls

To build control panels of unparalleled quality, it takes a team of diverse skill sets from a range of disciplines. Every department at OSCO plays a key role in making our customer’s control panels and systems a success.

Control Systems Design & Engineering
Our controls engineers design and develop control panels and systems specific to our customer’s requirements. They are multi-disciplined in mechanical, electrical, PLC/HMI programming, and process integration skills. The work to continuously improve methods of integrating controls technology with the goal being enhanced performance, functionality and safety – and overall superior results in the field.

Purchasing and Inventory Management
Purchasing and inventory control is an integral part of OSCO Controls. This is the team responsible for ensuring that all materials are available for building and assembling control panels and replacement parts. Our purchasing team takes care of internal process and procedures, and a variety of critical tasks to ensure the company runs smoothly.

Technical Service
Our technical service team is responsible for overseeing design, quality, testing and implementation. They coordinate job production schedules and project components with the assembly shop to ensure we are exceeding customer expectations and timelines. This department is dedicated to effectively providing our customer or end user a quality, trouble-free control system.

Technical Sales
Our sales team are experts in control applications and are responsible for sharing industry knowledge and technology advancements with our customers to help solve their control challenges. They work closely with our engineers and assemblers to ensure that each customer is totally satisfied.

Panel Assembly
OSCO has built a reputation for providing high quality control panels and systems. To accomplish this, you need a panel assembly team who is dedicated, reliable, and focused. This is the OSCO Panel Assembly team – the best in the business. They are responsible for fabricating and wiring control panels and control devices with precision, organization, and knowledge.