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Case Study:

A leading video game console manufacturer uses OSCO Control panels to control its lift equipment and (9) conveyors at its production facility. 

The application allows the controller to send pallets/package from one conveyor section to any other conveyor sections at the other level.  The engineers at OSCO programmed the system and installed an HMI so users can control and monitor the entire system.  The operator of the system can change the pickup and drop of points of the conveyor system, as well as manually operate all equipment.  The control system also provides an efficient method for alerting, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues.

OSCO provided the following services:

  • Design of an integrated solution that consolidated the controls and operation of (9) conveyor systems and (1) lift equipment with conveyor.
  • OSCO Control Engineer was on site to install, set up and test the control system.

The new controls system will provide the customer with on-going optimization and efficiencies at the production facility.  Any downtime should be reduced due to the on-screen diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.