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How Controls Automation Is Transforming the Water/Wastewater Industry?

As the demand for water increases and the urgency to protect our resources is critical, the water/wastewater industry faces even more scrutiny to conserve and be smarter about their practices to ensure quality and efficiency in their operations.The development and advancement of controls technology is transforming the way the water/wastewater industry is managing their processes...


Control System Integration for Load Weighing & Measurement

Load cells are used in many industrial processes for weighing and measuring applications. Control systems and their interfaces are an important part of this process for passing information and reading the output from load cells. A control panel designed to integrate with an existing system is a good option for an application requiring a more...


Solutions by Function: High Accuracy

When high accuracy matters the most? Many industries who are using processing equipment in their manufacturing practices are looking to fulfill a functional requirement such as accumulating, sorting, repeatability, or sequencing.  They need their equipment to perform these tasks to a high degree of precision, accuracy, and continuous use. For equipment control situations, we offer...