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Control Panel Safety On & Off Site - OSCO Controls

Control Panel Safety On & Off-Site

Founded in 1992, OSCO Controls has become one of the fastest-growing providers of industrial control panels. During that time, the industry has evolved significantly with the adoption of advanced technologies. And while OSCO continues to innovate in response to the needs of our customers and partners, our primary focus remains the same; delivering the safest control panels on the market.

OSCO control panel shop certifications label with UL508A certification - OSCO Controls

OSCO Controls’ Certifications & Affiliations

OSCO Controls is an industry-leading provider of innovative control panel solutions. We are dedicated to delivering safe and reliable products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re proud to share our industry certification and affiliation information with you as we build to UL508A standards!

The Difference between PLCs and PACs - OSCO Controls

PLCs & PACs: Is One Better Than the Other?

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) have a lot of similarities in how they are used in manufacturing automation. They each provide the programming logic behind controlling processes to boost productivity and they both are highly reliable. Here at OSCO, we determine what is best to use based on the application and its complexities, and future capabilities that maybe needed.

Custom Dashboard for Control Panel Monitoring with OSCO Connect - OSCO Controls

How a Custom Dashboard Can Give You Access to the Most Relevant Data

Real-time data from your equipment can be embedded into a custom dashboard to help you monitor your operation's most critical data. Through the information gathered from our control panel devices and stored through our proprietary cloud-based environment - OSCO Connect, we can create a custom dashboard that provides you the most relevant data specific to your application.

OSCO CONNECT Cloud-based technology Monitoring for Real Time Insight- OSCO Controls

How Cloud-Based Monitoring Platforms Offer Real-Time Insight

Businesses that don’t upgrade to cloud-based systems are falling behind the curve. This is primarily due to their current systems not providing the modern insights or programmable options that cloud technology can offer. As one of our own intelligent integrations, OSCO Controls offers advanced cloud-based monitoring tools to site managers through OSCO Connect.

OSCO Controls Remains Open for Business - OSCO Controls

OSCO Controls Remains Open for Business

OSCO Controls will remain open as an essential business defined by the Department of Homeland Security under the CISA guideline. Our control products are essential to the operations of many industries across the U.S. who continue to support the nation’s infrastructure through industrial manufacturing which supply essential parts and equipment for the transportation industry, defense-based...

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