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Control Panel Safety On & Off-Site

Founded in 1992, OSCO Controls has become one of the fastest-growing providers of industrial control panels. During that time, the industry has evolved significantly with the adoption of advanced technologies. And while OSCO continues to innovate in response to the needs of our customers and partners, our primary focus remains the same; delivering the safest control panels on the market. 

Safer By Design 

Because we prioritize safety, it’s hard-wired into our panels on the front end of the design process. We specialize in creating control solutions that manage the most complex applications across a wide range of industries. By leveraging our advanced programming solutions (including PLCs and HMIs), system integration and connectivity platforms, and seamless automation options, OSCO designs holistic control environments that enable workplace safety, efficiency, and productivity.    

Durable Protection 

OSCO control panels are built to withstand the wear and tear that come with heavy industrial use. Our panels are constructed using the highest quality materials and components based on the requirements prescribed by national and international standards. 

After reviewing your specifications and evaluating your environment (e.g., indoor, outdoor, hazardous, etc.), we build the panel best suited and rated for your application and workplace to ensure safety and reliability. Our implementation and testing processes confirm that the construction, placement location, ventilation, operator devices, labeling, front panels, and faceplates work together to exceed your requirements and provide years of dependable service. 

Panel Monitoring & Remote Access 

Whether your panel is installed at your main facility or off-site at a warehouse or pumping station in another county, OSCO can provide around-the-clock system monitoring and remote access that supports your operational targets. 

If your panel wasn’t initially configured for remote access, we can still accommodate you with a magnetically mounted gateway module that plugs into the panel service ports. Once connectivity is established, our engineers can remotely program, modify, troubleshoot, or customize your equipment as needed. 

We also offer OSCO Connect, our advanced integrated cloud-based solution that allows access to real-time data, programming, diagnostics, and analytics. It uses a single interface to link to a PLC using cellular or wi-fi connectivity and is accessible from any web browser. This is an ideal option if you’re considering a new or upgraded panel.   

Our remote access service models allow us to quickly provide the support you need while saving you the expense of an on-site visit.

OSCO: We’ve Got Your Back!

Thanks to modern technology, the OSCO team of engineers and technicians can support your operation from anywhere. By embedding monitoring and access capabilities into our custom control panels, we can address issues before they become problems that could potentially create safety hazards or production disruptions. Why not partner with the OSCO team to optimize control panel safety and performance in your operation? Reach out today for a free quote; we’re ready to get to work!