Industrial IIOT “Smart Factory” Solutions Offer A Range of Advantages

Industrial IIOT “Smart Factory” Solutions Offer A Range of Advantages

Transforming your plant into a “smart factory” can bring a lot of advantages. Implementing smart technology into your production equipment can create a highly responsive, adaptive, and fully connected system that can lead to greater efficiencies and reduce downtime. The transformation may seem overwhelming, but the steps manufacturers can adopt now to IoT enable their legacy systems is rather simple.

Legacy equipment is made “smart” with the addition of sensors, controls, digital communication, and cloud-based software. OSCO Controls has the capabilities to bring smart technology into your production, so you can become a digitally connected smart factory. 

The Many Benefits of Smart Technology In Your Factory:

  • Operators can receive live notifications of equipment failure through text or email alerts for faster diagnostic and recovery time. 
  • Encourage preventative maintenance with real-time insights into the status of your equipment and the maintenance or repairs needed to extend its life of service.
  • Increased transparency of your equipment’s condition offers more oversight against the unexpected, allowing it to quickly pick up where it left off.
  • IIOT connected systems collect data, giving operators diagnostic information to help them make long-term improvements, cost efficiencies, and process decisions.
  • The gathered information can be used to make quicker decisions to improve processes that can lead to increased productivity.
  • By transmitting crucial information through status signal sensors, data is communicated back to control centers where operators can monitor and adjust operations.
  • Improve safety measures with IoT-enabled equipment designed to alert operators to stop equipment and avoid potential danger or worker injury.
  • Control systems with smart technology can seamlessly integrate with legacy equipment for more flexibility on the factory floor.

Integrating smart technology with advanced control systems into your equipment does not have to be complex. OSCO Controls offers smart solutions that are ready for the smart factory: sensors, controls technology, communication platforms, and cloud-base software. Contact us today to learn more.