Automated Control Systems for Dark Store Retail Distribution

How Automated Control Systems Will Help Prepare “Dark Stores” for Online Retail Distribution

“Dark stores” are the future of retail. This new online-store only concept has been on the rise since the beginning of COVID-19 as more retailers are shifting their physical locations from in-store to local fulfillment centers for online shopping. They are preparing to convert these locations into warehouse-like distribution centers which means investing in the right technology and systems to automate processes.

The Role of Controls in Retail Fulfillment Centers

The efficiency and reliability of material handling automation systems often determines the success of a distribution center. Control systems can help fulfillment centers run at peak performance by integrating various material handling equipment to one connected enterprise. OSCO Controls provides control systems to communicate directly with material handling equipment that can provide many advantages to the retailer setting up a new dark store.

Advantages of Automated Control Systems:

  • Effectively manages complex automated material handling systems with minimal downtime.
  • Seamless integration of legacy equipment and their processes programmed to the logic controller to create a fully automated system.
  • Allows retailers to manage their entire line of material handling equipment such as conveyors, storage/retrieval systems from one device vs. controlling each equipment individually.
  • Provides visibility and communication through custom dashboards giving real-time data to improve material flow and equipment performance.
  • Utilizes a user-friendly and informative Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).
  • Easily modified to accommodate growing demands of your business.

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