Custom Dashboard for Control Panel Monitoring

How a Custom Dashboard Can Give You Access to the Most Relevant Data

Real-time data from your equipment can be embedded into a custom dashboard to help you monitor your operation’s most critical data. Through the information gathered from our control panel devices and stored through our proprietary cloud-based environment – OSCO Connect, we can create a custom dashboard that provides you the most relevant data specific to your application.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Custom Dashboard:

• Enhanced access and visibility to your data.
• Information organized in a format that is preferred.
• Hard to understand analytics displayed in easy-to-read graphic style.
• Display key metrics on multiple screens across a facility.
• Employees can quickly see everything that is happening in real-time.
• Quickly identify Issues with custom status indicators.

Custom Dashboard for Different Industries

Taking the data, we have collected through our advanced control systems, we can create a custom dashboard to give you the insight and visualization relevant to your specific industry.

Wastewater – Monitor water storage tanks refilling and separation from individual stations.
Recycling – Display breakdown of material processed by types being sorted or diverted.
Manufacturing – Track Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Availability, Quality, and Performance with key performance indicators.
Utilities – Easily access consumption data from multiple power source locations.

Our team of developers can work with you to set up the features that are most important to you and your unique dashboard requirements. Contact us to learn more about our advanced control systems and custom dashboard displays.