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Case Study:

A large beverage company planned to install a mechanical 4 post freight lift in their plant to keep production going after their freight service elevator needed major repairs.  They needed a solution to convey totes of ingredients/mixes from the first level to the fourth level.  The raw material is fed into the manufacturing process at the 4th level. Monitoring the lift is critical because without operation and a way to move materials, the plant would come to a standstill.

OSCO Controls designed and programmed controls for the operation of the mechanical freight lift by using (4) HMI Screens - one at each level, and remote I/O for troubleshooting capability.  The purpose of the remote I/O was to reduce the amount of wiring that had to be run from each level back to the main control station. This was to help with installation. The HMIs (human machine interface) stations allowed the operator to see everything going on with the equipment from each level.  The Station tells the operator:

  • Where the lift is
  • The state of all doors, e-stops, fault sensors
  • If the lift is running or not

They also allow the operator to control the lift via call/buttons.  The HMI is also useful for trouble shooting as they provide diagnostics and the ability to control the lift manually at each level.

A partnership with OSCO Controls saved the beverage company from having any loss in production. Constant monitoring of equipment improved operations and reduced downtime.