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Designing Custom Control Panels for 2023

As we welcome a new year, we continue to see the expanded role that technology is playing in industry. OSCO is proud to work with clients in several high-profile fields, including OEMs, recycling, utilities, oil & gas, and manufacturing. One thing these diverse industries have in common is the need to ensure that their equipment functions reliably and efficiently. Adding an OSCO custom control panel with specialized features can streamline operations and boost productivity for even the most complex applications.

Our Client-Driven Process

We used a structured yet flexible project management approach that places the focus exactly where it should be, on your business and goals. We realize that each company and project is unique, so we concentrate on delivering the custom panel that fits your specific application workflow.

We begin with a collaborative discussion where we spend time engaging with your team to clearly understand your application, specifications, environment, and objectives. This formal project kickoff meeting sets the stage for our long-term partnership and the project’s overall success.

Once we’ve clarified the project, our team gets to work assessing the specific components, interfaces, electrical requirements, and industry certifications needed to create an accurate project quote. This phase of detailed analysis serves as the basis for the panel design, which will be refined based on electrical drawings, component lists, and safety documentation once the quote has been approved.

With a finalized design in hand, our team of experts transitions your project into production to assemble, wire, and configure your custom panel. We perform in-depth testing and quality and safety checks to ensure that the panel works as designed and surpasses your expectations. And our engineers and technicians follow a point-by-point checklist to confirm that every feature functions correctly.

Next-Level Connectivity 

We can help you maximize the features of your new panel by incorporating intelligent monitoring. With the addition of OSCO Connect, you’re able to harness the power of our cloud-based platform that uses an internet-based interface to provide performance metrics remotely whenever you need them.

You can log in and access customized dashboards that provide real-time insights that keep you informed. Our solution records and stores data, giving you the ability to assess operational trends. And in the event of an equipment problem, you can be notified immediately via text message or email. Address issues before they become problems; you’re never left out of the loop with OSCO Connect!

We Build Panels And Relationships 

Once your panel is completed and installed, our relationship doesn’t end! We know you expect years of reliable and cost-effective performance from your custom control panel. Our expanded services and support model, coupled with our dedication to industry best practices, deliver the training, technical support, and ongoing customer service that lead to positive project outcomes and long-term success.Our innovative team of experts is ready to partner with you to create a custom control panel that solves your most complex problems. Contact us for a free quote today because we’re ready to get the conversation started!