HVAC Branch Circuit Protection Panel

Design Flexibility for HVAC Branch Circuit Protection Panel


A leading manufacturer of innovative custom air handling units for indoor and outdoor installation specializes in building these units to meet specific requirements for size, footprint, and configuration.  Because of their custom solutions approach, they were needing the flexibility in a control panel that could easily be arranged to fit virtually any project.


OSCO Controls has experience in designing control panels that offer flexibility, so when the customer contacted us, we knew we had the right solution for their needs. Our engineers designed a branch circuit protection panel to protect the external VFDs that run the fan motors of the air handling units.  This type of control panel is designed to allow for flexibility in control functions.  If the customer needs to change or expand to new requirements with each unit, the control components can easily be modified to accommodate the application.


With the design flexibility of our branch circuit protection panel, we were able to provide the customer with a cost savings by reducing their needs to purchase other configured control panels each time the application required a different functionality.

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