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Control Panel Development with Autoquip Automation

A Legacy Built on Reliable Control Panel Solutions

OSCO Controls has been designing and fabricating highly-reliable control panels and systems since its inception in 1992. OSCO was founded to incorporate staff experience and expertise in the automation, instrumentation and controls for the tire and rubber industry -- and combine them with machine controls technologies to include PLCs, VFDs and other technologies.

“Now is an exciting time in the controls industry with the advancements in PLC’s, advanced programming, touchscreen displays and a variety of other new technologies, we can do more than ever before.” -- Oscar Selling, founder.

In addition to large system integration and custom panel development, the primary focus that has driven the success of OSCO Controls is original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of mechanical products that require reliable, easy-to-use and consistent controls incorporated into their equipment. For these customers, not only does OSCO provide complete design/build services for their control products, but also ongoing troubleshooting assistance and technical support for the life of the equipment.

In fact, its quality products and lifetime ongoing support represents the core essence of OSCO Controls and it’s one reason why Autoquip Corporation found OSCO Controls to be such an appealing company to work with. The company takes full ownership of the products and systems it develops and proudly stands behind them with technical support and troubleshooting throughout their entire lifespan.

Whether the product was the one-time development of a fully-integrated control command center, a custom control panel, or an entire family of related control system interfaces for an OEM, OSCO has built its legacy on standing behind everything it sells.

OSCO Controls has recently been acquired by Autoquip Corporation, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment. This strategic transition overseen by Autoquip Corporation has provided the independently-operated OSCO Controls with additional electrical and mechanical engineering staff and upgraded its automation and programming capabilities to allow for the development of highly advanced control panel systems and interfaces.

OSCO Controls provides unparalleled quality through its commitment to the design process and understanding what each project actually needs and its precision fabrication, labeling, testing and documenting of every control panel interface project.

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OSCO Founder, Oscar Selling