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Optimized Control System for Distribution & Warehouse Automation

Distribution and warehouse automation requires organized systems put in place. It’s important to have the experience and knowledge to maximize these services. Whether it’s a new facility development or upgrading an existing system, OSCO Controls provides process control solutions that maximize distribution and warehouse automation. Applying these controls to problem areas of your business will help streamline your production and help all aspects of your manufacturing run smoothly. 

Maximize Operations with Optimized Control Systems

We use the latest automation and control technology to make your equipment more productive and streamline. Our professionally-trained engineers create seamless automation control solutions to help you tackle your most challenging equipment automation issues. These automated controls can direct the timing, activation, cycles, and stops of various pieces of equipment to move materials through operations. Integrated controls can connect pieces of equipment to create a connected Warehouse Control System. 

Automation can connect equipment such as conveyors, palletizers, carousels, and sorters to be easily controlled by one connected control system. By synchronizing these tools to work together, you can optimize production performance significantly. Our experience includes but is not limited to automation for: 

  • Start-Up
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Sheet-Feeding Equipment
  • Freight-Elevator Solutions 
  • Automated Drill Pipe Machining Center
  • Full Engineering Development
  • Control System Manufacturing 
  • PLC Controls Software & Programming 
  • Testing & Site Acceptance 

Integrating automated controls allows your equipment to run smoother and increases production rates. Every phase of production is unique and requires strategic programs to be put in place. OSCO works with our distribution customers to customize according to their unique processes and systems. We help create real-time monitoring, controlling, and diagnostics of automated systems based on data collected from system-level controllers and sensors.

Contact Us for Distribution & Warehouse Automation

We’ll seamlessly meet your automation and operating needs by expertly managing these systems. Integrating automated controls into problem areas of your production will improve day-to-day operations and efficiencies. At OSCO Controls, we design, install, fabricate, automated controls to maximize your manufacturing efforts. 

Using the latest technology, we help expand your current equipment by making it more multifunctional and productive. With our expert knowledge and experience, we increase production time and time again. Give us a call today to find out how we can help increase your business and maximize efficiency.