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How OSCO Positions OEMs For New Product Development

OEMs have a lot to prioritize when designing new equipment. The controls that operate the equipment can be a complicated piece of product development. OSCO Controls can help ease the burden of this part of the process by partnering with OEMs to create the right custom-engineered controls for whatever the application requires. At OSCO Controls, we work with you to bring your ideas to life. We work as a team to create, design, assemble, maintain, and integrate the successful development of new products. 

How OSCO Positions OEMs For New Product Development

As OEMs, you have a great deal of responsibility managing day-to-day operations. Allowing experts to come alongside you and make new product development easier and less burdensome can make all the difference in the world. 

Let us guide you step-by-step through each part of the process for new product development. We will be there with you during the design phase, working hard during the assembly phase, and testing your system to carry out every function you need. Once all systems are green-lighted during the testing phase, we use our experience and innovation to custom build the final product structured around all your requirements. 

Taking Your Idea Off The Ground

We begin by collaborating with you and your team. Our team will go over your goals and objectives and how to apply controls technology with the new equipment to ensure its success. We are with you during every step of the process to help you achieve your goals. 

Program Customization

Not all equipment functionality calls for the same measure of success. Together, we construct a customizable approach to programming the controls to meet your unique application. Through this method, we can devote a great deal of focus to optimizing the process design for your specific system. 


To ensure full functionality, we create a prototype of your system before installing it. We make sure this control panel model meets your standards and expectations before going to market. Every feature of the prototype is tested, allowing us to perform any modifications required during this time.


After the prototype is approved, we begin manufacturing and the assembly of your customized control panel. Our skilled production team at OSCO commits to meticulously assembling components, programming, and electrically wiring each piece by hand. 

Ongoing Support

Our control engineers and technicians perform quality testing on all electrical systems, operator interfaces, and programming to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. After your panels are installed, we will continue to provide you with training and support. In addition, we are there to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise and make sure you are running smoothly. 

By offering total control design and manufacturing services to OEMs, we help with concept development, design, custom programming, testing, assembly, and ongoing training.

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