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Industrial Control Designs for OEM & Manufacturing

For over 30 years, OSCO Controls has maintained a proud partnership with our customers in the manufacturing industry. We continue providing modern control options designed to optimize operations and promote workplace safety.

Manufacturers require advanced controls to ensure consistent levels of productivity. Read on to learn more about how OSCO converts challenges into opportunities in this vital industry.

Manufacturing Demands Custom Controls

OSCO specializes in providing innovative custom-crafted control systems. We realize that each company is unique, with its own goals and objectives. But no matter what manufacturing vertical your business serves, our team of engineers can build a control strategy that addresses your specific requirements. This mindset, coupled with our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, has contributed to our longevity.

We understand your industry’s intense demands, so we focus on delivering cost-effective components that create immediate value by streamlining your workflows. And by utilizing the latest technologies, we leverage sophisticated automation, programming, and system integration capabilities to implement the precise level of control suited for your environment and equipment.

Expert OEM Solutions

The OEM sector provides a unique service by delivering equipment designed to meet superior quality and performance standards. Our OEM customers look to OSCO because they know our team of engineers and technology resources are experts in this area.

In addition to the extensive skills of our team, we bring a holistic service model to the table that uses a results-driven strategy focused on your success. By using our structured and collaborative project management approach, we direct the complete implementation lifecycle. From design and prototyping to testing, production, and post-implementation support, we’re with you each step of the way.

Monitoring and Analytics

One of the essential factors in ensuring that manufacturing processes meet production targets is having access to accurate status information and performance analytics. We designed OSCO Connect for this exact purpose. A secure and proprietary cloud-based solution, OSCO Connect proactively and continuously monitors your equipment and related processes.

Accessible remotely from any location via the internet, you can review live data, troubleshoot issues, and run preventative diagnostics. Your system’s data is securely stored, allowing you to assess historical trends and gain critical insights affecting the manufacturing floor.

And in addition to system monitoring and real-time analysis, OSCO Connect also provides remote programming capabilities giving you even more flexibility and control.

OSCO: Your Source For Better Controls

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, you can be confident that OSCO will be moving with it on a parallel path. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to maintaining our position as the industry leader in custom control solutions.

As your manufacturing partner, we’re focused on creating new and innovative control systems that solve complex challenges while supporting your operation and helping you reach your performance goals.

Taking The Next Step

Are you ready to explore your options and learn more about our unique capabilities? Request a quote today! We’re ready to get started on a next-generation control solution for your business!