Identification System for XRF Metal Sorting Machine

Cutting Edge Identification System for XRF Metal Sorting Machine

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is a way of detecting chemical elements in metal recycling plants. With this advanced technology in sorting machines, it is possible to identify and sort all kinds of heavy metals that improve value and market resell. Through our partnership with US Management and their Recycling Automation Systems division, we developed a cutting-edge sorting and identification system with control automation and XRF technology.

Sorting Technology

The innovative team at OSCO Controls has developed an integrated solution using controls technology and custom PC software to advance the identification and sorting of alloys more accurately and faster. We created recipes in our programming software containing the characteristic for seven different elemental compositions: Iron, Nickle, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Chromium, Molybdenum. The system scans up to 7 elements and based on the pre-defined recipe, can divert the material as it flows through the machine based on the selected recipe. For example, Zorba processed through the machine with a recipe to divert heavies can yield an aluminum un-diverted pile and a diverted heavies pile. The aluminum pile has measured purities consistently greater than 90%. The heavies pile can be processed through another machine or reprocessed to collect other desired materials out of the heavies’ pile.


  1. A recipe is selected through the custom user interface for desired sorting.
  2. Automated conveyors and shaker feeder – feeds scrap metal into XRF Sorting Machine.
  3. The XRF machine causes the material passing through to fluoresce.
  4. Readings are gathered and compared to recipe.
  5. Material within the thresholds of the recipe is diverted while all other material is allowed to pass through.
  6. Conveyor systems move metals out after they are sorted for end processing or back into the system for additional processing.

All Inclusive System:

Advanced controls and automation have become essential for metal recycling operations to move towards a more sophisticated and technological sorting process. The control technology and software designed by OSCO Controls enables recycling companies to operate smarter, seamlessly, and digitally from one connected system.

  • Turnkey controls and system for complete control. One connected system that operates shaker feeder, XRF sorting machine and conveyors.
  • Custom software development. There is 24+ pieces of hardware that the computer is communicating with for a seamless operation.
  • Custom user interface for easy sorting process and operation of full system.
  • Custom sorting programs for identification of up to 7 elements.
  • OSCO Connect, custom cloud-base technology turns metal sorting machines into connected devices that collect and generates data. Metal identification can be optimized for sorting performance by analyzing data such as acceptance and rejection rates.

OSCO Controls has the experience to help advance your recycling identification systems and operations. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!