Real-time data available for water management applications

How Controls Automation Is Transforming the Water/Wastewater Industry

As the demand for water increases and the urgency to protect our resources is critical, the water/wastewater industry faces even more scrutiny to conserve and be smarter about their practices to ensure quality and efficiency in their operations.

The development and advancement of controls technology is transforming the way the water/wastewater industry is managing their processes to become a fully integrated enterprise. With the integration of control systems, new methods for centralized control, improved problem detection, and data management capabilities are helping to meet the challenges of clean and wastewater filtration and movement.

Adding modern controls systems to automate your water management processes offers many advantages:

  • Real-time data available for water management applications to monitor flow rates, pressure set points, water pumping, distribution.
  • Remote capabilities allow you to control operations remotely without someone always having to be onsite.
  • Alarm signals and alerts to immediately notify you if there is a problem.
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting help you determine issues easily before they lead to costly downtime.
  • Custom data accumulation and reporting to see how your system is performing over time.
  • Advance control systems can easily integrate with existing systems to achieve a fully cohesive and connected automated system.

While it is clear controls automation offers many benefits, it can be overwhelming to think about how to get started modernizing your plant or retrofitting an existing system. OSCO Controls is here to help.