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Advance Controls System with Remote Monitoring for Wastewater Removal


One of our partners, who provides environmental engineering services to major industrial clients, was working on a project for the removal and reuse of wastewater produced in the manufacturing of forgeable alloy steel rings.  Their client wanted to integrate advanced controls and automation into their existing production processes starting from the ground up. OSCO Controls was contacted to custom build the wireless controls system that extends the monitoring and controls to multiple locations throughout the facility with a central control station.


Working in collaboration with the engineering company and the client to understand their current wastewater processes, the team at OSCO Controls began working on the design of the control panels that would bring the automation and remote monitoring together.

OSCO Controls designed and installed an innovative control system using smart technology to automate, control and process data. The new system manages many key functions:

  • Turns on & off pump motors.
  • Monitors the digital level switches to maintain water levels.
  • Opens valves as the pumps come on to direct the flow of water to the storage tanks.
  • IO-Link sensors communicate system data to the controllers.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities through OSCOConnect.

OSCOConnect remote access technology, allows operators at the plant to monitor the systems from anywhere. Through their own customized dashboard and real time alerts, the client can check water levels, gallons used, and any other issues related to the pump control and system to make repairs quickly.


  • A new, modernized system to help the client stay in full control and compliant to their water management practices.
  • An optimal solution with remote monitoring capabilities to see the exact status of the system at any time.
  • Through our collaborative approach and expertise, we delivered a unique solution and successfully implemented a cohesive automated system to solve the client’s wastewater challenges.
  • Ongoing support and checkups to keep the clients processes online and provide analysis of their full system through our remote service package.

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