automated parking lift controls being assembled

Automated Park & Store for Residential Car Lift


OSCO Controls brings automation to a luxury car parking solutions for the home.


The team at OSCO Controls recently worked on an uncommon project that brings our expertise in automation into the private sector. A fully automated parking lift system will provide convenience for a homeowner to easily park and store his private vehicle collection underground.

The Park & Store Car Lift was designed by our parent company, Autoquip. OSCO Controls was assigned to lead the design of the controls technology that created the fully automated system. The homeowner pulls his car onto the lift platform at the upper level, gets out of the car, and with a simple button pressed at the command center sends the vehicle to the lower storage levels. When the car lift is lowered to the selected storage level, a conveyor on the lift platform is activated and conveys the car into the storage area. Smart sensors and a visual light indicator will single to the homeowner that the car has been put in the correct position. The entire process is reversed to return the car back to the homeowner.


The fully automated control parking lift system designed by OSCO Controls is built to enhance the homeowners parking experience with an effortless control operation through a simple to use HMI control interface and guidance detection to ensure a safe and reliable transport of his vehicles for years and years.

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