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Custom Control Interface for Equipment Insight


A control interface needs to be designed with its users’ needs in mind. A custom graphical user interfaces (GUI) on our touch panel screens can be designed to fit the users’ requirements for specific functionality and visual indicators. For one of our most recent projects, we designed a GUI for a customer who wanted to know the various positions their lift equipment is in during operation.  They wanted this information viewable at the control command center which is in a separate location from the equipment itself.


OSCO Controls custom designed a GUI that provides the functions and visuals to help the users understand the equipment in operation. This information helps provide insight to the tasks being performed.  Our design team created a simple and clear interface that can be understood by anyone using the equipment. It allows the user to see the easy steps of operational commands and status to perform the necessary actions.


OSCO Controls is focused on designing control systems that make it simple for customers to perform a task whether it be for manufacturing equipment, integrated systems or machinery. When you buy a control panel from us, we can customize the touch panel screen to fit your exact requirements.

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