Control System Integration for Load Weighing & Measurement

Control System Integration for Load Weighing & Measurement

Load cells are used in many industrial processes for weighing and measuring applications. Control systems and their interfaces are an important part of this process for passing information and reading the output from load cells.

A control panel designed to integrate with an existing system is a good option for an application requiring a more comprehensive industrial weighing processes where in addition to basic weight data, can be programmed to perform application-specific processes such as batching, totalizing, measuring OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). They can also perform secondary functions that feed into the weighing process such as opening and closing gates or valves, turning pumps, moving a conveyor, logging data – all from one centralize control system.

Weighing applications that can benefit from control systems integration:
• Batching/Blending
• Filling/Dispensing
• Check Weighing
• Load Capacity
• Level by Weight
• Force measurement
• Rate Monitoring

What Controls can do for weighing applications:
• Display, collection and perform system control functions.
• Configurable and programmable for customer specific applications.
• One single PLC can monitor multiple load cell transmitters.
• Expandability and remote capabilities.
• Automate weighing process.
• Ensure safe and easy to use operation while maximizing efficiency.
• Help measure overload potential which will help prevent abuse of equipment breakdowns.

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