Solutions by Function: High Accuracy

Solutions by Function: High Accuracy

When high accuracy matters the most?

Many industries who are using processing equipment in their manufacturing practices are looking to fulfill a functional requirement such as accumulating, sorting, repeatability, or sequencing.  They need their equipment to perform these tasks to a high degree of precision, accuracy, and continuous use. For equipment control situations, we offer PLC and PC-based control systems with local or distributed I/O to maximize efficiency, repeatability, and safety of any piece of integrated equipment.

Common Process Applications Requiring High Accuracy:

System Integration – When processing equipment will interface with other machines.

Repeatability – When the same action needs to happen to a precise degree repeatedly.

Automation – Control panels with custom control programming designed to automate systems that must interact with complex cues from the work environment.

Indexing – Indexing solutions to control the movement of the equipment for high accuracy, repeatability, or with full automation. These can be achieved by adding limit switches, photo eye sensors, PLC Logic, and transducers/encoders.

OSCO Controls custom control panel designs provide an immediate return upon implementation with increased productivity levels, high accuracy with a remarkably low margin of error.  Interested in learning more?  Contact