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Custom Control Systems for Distribution Centers

The distribution industry is a fast-paced and complex sector where efficiency and productivity are key success factors. To distinguish themselves from the competition, distributors must continually seek innovative solutions that optimize their workflows, streamline operations, and integrate seamlessly with their legacy systems.

Savvy distributors are experiencing positive results by implementing control panels customized for their dynamic environments. Today we’ll discover how OSCO system integrations and custom controls are making a difference in this vital industry.

Workflow Optimization

Time is of the essence in the distribution business! Now that supply chain levels are normalizing, customer expectations have become more demanding. This means that disruptions and delays must be avoided at all costs.

By implementing customized control panels based on your specific requirements, various aspects of your existing workflows can be automated and streamlined. This shift in functional design can help you increase customer satisfaction while reducing labor hours and potential errors.

Next-Level Integration

When you have existing equipment, the idea of modifying your legacy infrastructure can be daunting. That’s why partnering with OSCO is a smart choice. Thanks to our decades of experience, we bring an advanced level of skill and innovation to the table that bridges the gap between traditional and modern controls and communication protocols.

What type of equipment are you currently using? Conveyors that feed other systems or maybe an air cargo lift? How about a VRC or a complex sorting unit? We use an advanced approach to control system integration that creates compatibility pathways for material handling equipment without the need for extensive modifications or expensive replacements.

Monitoring & Analytics

There is no shortage of activity when it comes to operating a distribution center. The ability to monitor material handling processes and reprogram equipment when needed is easily achieved with OSCO Connect.

OSCO Connect integrates with your control panels using our exclusive cloud-based system to provide site managers with real-time data and system insights. Your team can receive equipment alerts, troubleshoot issues, and assess trends onsite or remotely using cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity via any web browser.

Promoting Safety

OSCO is committed to building the safest control panels available. We include the appropriate safety components and features based on the unique needs of your distribution business. From wiring and sensors to power management, PLCs, and enclosures, every aspect is addressed using national and international safety standards.

Future Scalability

As your business evolves, your control solution can grow with it. Our cutting-edge strategies ensure that you can easily transition to an updated environment that will serve you well for years to come.

Whether taking on more orders from existing customers or diversifying your overall service model, OSCO can position your staff to pivot quickly. Our team of designers and engineers will create your custom panels with the future in mind, saving you time down the road while maximizing your financial investment.

OSCO: Innovations In Distribution

Our engineers are ready to create your warehouse automation and control distribution platform. OSCO has been partnering with our customers for over thirty years, developing intuitive interfaces that maximize productivity. From retrofits and upgrades to completely new designs, the OSCO team has the specialized expertise to bring a superior level of efficiency to your distribution workflow. To learn more about our innovations in the distribution vertical and how they can help your organization, contact us today for a free quote!