HVAC Control Panels

Innovative Controls in the HVAC Market

The HVAC market has seen significant changes over the years. The industry continues to evolve with an increasing focus on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, renewable energy sources, and smart technology. But these trends, coupled with the technological advancements they require, create new levels of complexity. And that reality has HVAC manufacturers reaching out to OSCO for creative control options.

Such was the case with a leading HVAC equipment manufacturer specializing in custom air handling units. These units are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, and the company offers extensive customization options to its clients. Their ability to accommodate requirements based on specific dimensions, footprints, and configurations necessitated a highly flexible control panel solution that could easily integrate with their designs.

A Better Solution

After discussing the project requirements with the customer, the OSCO engineering team began working on a solution. Protecting the external VFDs (variable frequency drives) that run the air handler fan motors was of utmost importance. Given their role in supporting AC unit control, energy efficiency, and equipment longevity, VFD failure isn’t an option.

Rather than taking a traditional approach, our analysis led us to pursue a different angle focused on optimizing the panel design to enhance the manufacturer’s business model. The OSCO team developed a branch circuit protection panel built to provide the ultimate level of control panel flexibility. This panel type features components that can easily be modified or exchanged to adapt to new requirements.

The Winning Outcome

Our branch circuit panel design introduced such a high level of flexibility that it translated into significant cost savings for our customer. Instead of needing to order a new custom panel to accommodate new application requirements, we simply modify the panel components. Our team’s innovative approach saves them money and positions them to pivot quickly while elevating their level of customer service to their clients.

What Can We Create For You?

OSCO Controls has been a leading provider of industrial control solutions for over 30 years. And during that time, our team has continued to demonstrate one of the reasons for our success; a relentless commitment to innovation and creativity that enables us to design and implement complex solutions. 

OSCO’s decades of experience give us a superior advantage when it comes to customer service and support. Whether your HVAC business needs intelligent controls and automation, integration with a BMS (building management system), or an innovative approach that supports energy efficiency and sustainability, the OSCO team has the deep-domain expertise to tackle your project and deliver. Reach out to us for a free quote today.

We look forward to hearing your vision and helping you bring it to fruition!